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#263533 by ranferg » Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:47 am

I have a Mark V Shopsmith which I purchased at an estate sale. The serial no. indicates it was made in 1959. I cleaned it all up and painted it and had the headstock refurbed with all new bearings. It came with a jointer attachment and I have purchased all the tables and legs for a 510 upgrade, installed the caster upgrade, and also purchased a bandsaw attachment. It also came with all the wood lathe tools and I have dado blades, regular blades, some extra arbors, etc. At any rate, I am thinking of maybe selling it as it just sits and never gets used. Was wondering what anyone might think a fair price would be? I was thinking 2-3K but maybe I'm just wishful thinking. I also still have all the original table stuff. Still not 100% sure on selling but just was wondering. Thanks.

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Re: info

#263535 by algale » Thu Oct 10, 2019 11:04 am

Wasn't it just a few months ago that you posted about how you always wanted one of these and bought it for $250? Now it is to be sold because it sits unused?

Go to cragislist and see what these go for used in your area. In my area, metro DC, I can usually find a 510 or a 520 in excellent condition and usually with a band saw or a jointer and a box of accessories for way less than $2-3K.


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Re: info

#263536 by chapmanruss » Thu Oct 10, 2019 11:36 am

When checking the prices in your area on craigslist remember these are the asking prices and not always what they sell for. Some are way out there and others are reasonable. One in my area is described as Mark V with attachments: Band Saws, Jointer, Planer, jig saw, band saw, extra blades, pulleys, drills, lathe chisels....too much to list individually. Over $16000 invested, most parts are still NIB. It is currently priced at $3400 and has a stock picture of a Mark V 520. It has been for sale on craigslist for over a year. To be realistic do not expect to make a big profit. Also you might consider selling the SPT's separate from the Mark 5. I have seen what I consider to be good buys sit for sale for a long time. There is a refurbished Mark 5 510R upgrade that has been for sale over a month in my area for $350.

I just sold two Shopsmith Model 10ER's last weekend and have a third 10E sold to be picked up today or tomorrow. These are totally restored Model 10's complete with everything they came with when new. I sold them at what I feel is a good price of about $300 which goes to help support my hobby of restoring old shopsmith's. I do not make a profit on these but enjoy working on them. Other Model 10's in the area have been priced between $45 to $900 for "as is" and not complete machines.



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Model 10E S/N 1077 oldest one I have restored. On bench w/ metal ends & retractable casters.

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Re: info

#263555 by ranferg » Fri Oct 11, 2019 2:21 pm

Thanks to all. Got what I was looking for.

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