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Re: Oops - and a new project

#263421 by edflorence » Thu Oct 03, 2019 11:49 pm

jsburger wrote:
bainin wrote:I was ripping some narrow material and got a kickback. Just taking a narrow strip off the edge of a board.

Of course I didn't see exactly what happened, but based on the ZCI damage, I think the board lifted at the back and was then promptly fired, angled down into the ZCI and blew the hole in it.

Hard for me to imagine it raising off the table as it was held down with featherboards on the fence-but its clear SOMETHING happened :)

You see it actually damaged the end of my pusher as well.


Anyways-the new project was figuring out how to make a new insert on my own once I realized a SS replacement would be $20 and some days.

New insert was made with 1/4 Maple ply and seems to do a pretty good job.

Next steps: Buy one of those GRR-Rippers and make some kind of fence extension that doesn't leave me in tight spaces between the fence and the blade. That always makes me feel less comfortable on a cut.


How narrow? Very narrow against the fence is not the way to do it. That could cause what you experienced.

bainin said: "I'd love to hear a better way to do these tight cuts."

The temptation when cutting thin strips to just set the fence the desired distance from the blade and start cutting strips is always there...but...even though it means moving the fence before every cut, a jig like this one is the safer but slower way to do it. Plans for shop-made versions can be found on line.


Idaho Panhandle
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Re: Oops - and a new project

#263422 by WileyCoyote » Fri Oct 04, 2019 7:00 am

I would not recommend cutting narrow strips on the fence side of the blade without having the splitter/blade guard installed. Too much chance of the strip curling over into the blade causing kickback. I have the plastic version but my new ZCI is phenolic. They are on Amazon for $19, but I haven't seen one for the 500. Only the 510 and 520. The nice thing about phenolic is you can add the MJ splitters to them, in case you can't find or don't want to hassle with the blade guard. ... B00HLKGA42

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