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Shopsmith Dial Indicator?

#263362 by ricksss96 » Wed Oct 02, 2019 12:45 pm

Just saw an email that Shopsmith has their #555884 Dial Indicator Set-Up Gauge on sale this week. Just wondering what everyone's opinion is of this.

I am kind of interested since it appears to come with a whole set of different tips and of course it fits nicely in the Shopsmith slot.

This is really in the 'want' category for me instead of a 'need'. I already have a dial indicator but it takes some fiddling around to reference it to the slot, and of course mine does not have all those fancy tips :)
Yeah, you guys are thinking he's just trying to justify buying it ...


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Re: Shopsmith Dial Indicator?

#263364 by dusty » Wed Oct 02, 2019 1:30 pm

NO! Something like this dial indicator should be in your shop. That "something" can (IMO) be any measuring device that you might have that can yield the required measurements.

I do have the Shopsmith model as well as a couple others. I use two or three of the tips but that is all. The small round tip is the one I use most. I hardly ever use a tip with a "pointed" end (they don't slide well). In other words, the full set of tips is overkill for me.


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Re: Shopsmith Dial Indicator?

#263367 by reible » Wed Oct 02, 2019 2:49 pm

Agree with Dusty that some sort of accurate gauge is something you need in your shop.

I also agree that while all those tips look like they will come in handy I have not found that to be true. Use a couple and rest just sit there.

The bar on mine is a very loose fit in the miter slot so I have to shim it to make it work well. Since this is the case on all my shopsmiths I have to think it is the bar and not my tables.

I have since given up using this tool except for an occasional check. You can end up going down a rabbit hole trying to get things set just right and spend way more time then needed doing set ups.

I still like the miter gauge and rod and a feeler gauge to do the setting and then can come back to check with the dial indicator or just expect it to be correct which it always is, so like I said I don't use it for alignment.

If you really want to get spot on alignments then get a master plate and Woodpecker saw gauge. The Woodpecker saw gauge takes in to account miter slot differences thus yielding better results.

The gauge does come in handy for other things but then any cheap like gauge will work just as well and cost less.



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