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Bad news. I went to Eurton Electric with the motor/brush holder. They informed me that what is on their website is the selection they have available. I checked their part # BH4050 against my brush holder, and the BH4050 is for a wider brush size, as well as the brass portion being too long. Time to keep looking, it seems.

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Re: Can a 12" Planer w/o feed motor be converted to manual feed?

#263818 by everettdavis » Sun Oct 20, 2019 12:07 am

I am still on the trail. Having to obtain and document the 4 known types of Planer Feed Motors and I just encountered a 5th type that is out there... Negotiating to acquire it. Don't need it, but need it to document.

Still looking for the carbon brush holder and correct carbon brushes...

There are a bunch of holders out there, and it makes no sense to me at all that Shopsmith would have built a custom reduction gear motor for the planer when so many manufactured pieces of other equipment in other industries used very similar motors in other applications.

As you can tell from the attached photo, nailing down the holder(s) is a challenge, but I do not believe it is impossible, just hard. Once I find the holder, the appropriate brush to fill it should be far simpler.

Extruded Cartridge Brush Holders.png
Extruded Cartridge Brush Holders.png (258.68 KiB) Viewed 10282 times

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Here is a photo of the 5th type of Planer Feed Motor.

I plan to acquire it and the controller for it and will document it in detail in coming months.

02B4EC68-2F4E-40CF-AF17-D2D6912E7968.jpeg (306.72 KiB) Viewed 10196 times
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Re: Can a 12" Planer w/o feed motor be converted to manual feed?

#265047 by everettdavis » Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:31 am

After working with the seller and obtaining more photos, it was apparent that the motor was not for the Planer as it had no reduction gearing. On questioning he revealed that it was in a batch of stuff that he sold all the other parts from.

On further analysis and a confirming photo from John Burger this week, I verified that it was a stand alone scroll saw motor.

I still purchased it and the controller which appears to be the same as one of the planer motor control types.

My interest remains in the brush holders and motor brushes which just may fit a VonWeise planer feed motor, or could be adapted to.


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Some spectacularly good information here (thanks Everett) on parts for the feed motors.
Has anyone done any research on whether there are any complete motors out there new? I'm sure if they are they are pricey but if we have a motor that will work we might find a cheap clone somewhere too.
All I know is that SS no longer carries them. But there has to be something out there that will fit...

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This site shows the planer motor available under a different number than in my old book. It isn't cheap, but likely available. ... tem=513731

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