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Thank you, Charlese

#21523 by dusty » Mon Sep 08, 2008 4:35 pm

You may have provided the stymulus to resolve a problem I didn't even know I had. Early yesterday I had a fireworks display inside of my headstock. The hot lead, again, somehow got entangled with one of the sheaves (I think).

I had decided to lubricate and was almost done. Had to run it through a cpuple speed changes to distribute the oil and when I did .... well you know the rest.

Today I dropped the motor so that I could see what I was doing while I did the rewire. With the motor detached, I stood her up in the drill press mode. Never done that before. It really gives you a good look at what's inside.

Nothing that you younger guys can't see by laying on the floor and looking up but if I do that I about can't get up. Besides, I can't see because of my bifocals - not reading distance.

It was actually quite a bit easier to clean and lub and it is not all that difficult to drop the motor. This may become a new annual routine for me. I sure got a lot of dust out after I thought it was clean.

Anyway, as I was suppose to be saying. I decided to change the drive belt as long as I had the motor dismounted. I did this so that I could compare it with a new spare I have. Would not have thought of this but for your experience with the replacement belt, charlese.

I decided to just reassemble using the new belt.

Now this might all be my imagination but I believe she runs much smoother, quieter and I think maybe cooler than before. It seems to me to be more than one should expect from just a drive belt change - but I swear IT SURE SEEMS THAT WAY.

The new belt is .5037" and the old one was .498". This is the original drive belt.

I wonder if I would experience the same degree of change if I changed the poly-v? It too is original. I noticed that my poly-v is a truflex. Are all of them that?


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