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Reading Your Utility Meters

#263393 by dusty » Thu Oct 03, 2019 10:33 am

If you don't already know how, I strongly recommend that you (1) learn how to read your utility meters and (2) do so periodically.

I wish that I had done that in the past.

I recently became aware that I was paying quite a bit more for water/sewer than I had been in the past. An investigation has revealed that I have been paying far for more water (monthly) than I had in the past. We mistakenly attributed the increase to be Arizona summer heat.

While that might have been part of the cause, it was not the complete explanation.

My issue came to a halt when I finally learned how to read my meter (especially during a time of NO intended water flow). My meter (and most probably yours) has some sort of "no flow" indication. When water is turned off to the house - obviously - there should be "no flow".

Simple and obvious, right.

I suspect that I have paid about $600 in water bills since we moved into this new house that would not have been necessary if I HAD JUST CHECKED FOR NO FLOW when "no water was being used". I had an under ground water leak that has now been repaired (another unnecessary expenditure).

:mad: I paid enough for water that I never used to buy three or four new saw blades.


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Re: Reading Your Utility Meters

#263451 by Hobbyman2 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:54 pm

I just drove a ground rod for the new electrical panel at the rental , the water has been off for a while now , when I looked I drove the rod right next to the water line , hope I didnt hit it ! there is a number you should call before you dig or anything like this , maybe I should have called lol . It looks like I may have missed it , we will find out soon enough . the gas meter is another thing you should learn to read , might be surprised how many gas meters are not accurate . if you learn to clock the meter when the furnace is running you can also determine if the pressure in the line is too high and you are burning more gas then needed . ... gas-meter/


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