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Miter Gauge Upgrade

#3473 by psargeant » Wed May 02, 2007 10:39 am

I recently purchased Incra's newest miter gauge, the V27, for use with my 510:) . Yesterday I tried to use it for the first time and discovered that Shopsmith's table slots are not standard miter t-slot dimension:mad: . It appears that if one wants to upgrade to a finer-tuned miter gauge you have some very limited options. I know that Shopsmith offers the Incra Miter 2000 but this is way too bulky and expensive (especially compared to the V27) for my needs. I would appreciate any input from somebody who has dealt with a solution to this same dilemma.


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#3474 by scottss » Wed May 02, 2007 11:03 am

I too wanted to upgrade my miter guage and found little out there. I even checked with the owner of osborne and he told me this
We only have the EB3 and few EB1s left for clearance. Some Shopsmith owners will have the guide bar that came with the machine drilled and tapped so you can attach the rest of the EB3 to it. Others will have the slot enlarged to fit the EB3 guide bar. Otherwise you can have the EB3 guide bar machined down to fit your slot. These are about the only options.
The one that did get my interest is the jointech. I have watched them at shows and there demo on there website is complete. Check out

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#3476 by manvelar » Wed May 02, 2007 12:26 pm

I bought and discovered the same thing. However, I cheated and fixed it. I took the bar off the Incra miter gauge and ran it through my proformax sander a few times until it fit. I didn't have to remove much metal, but I did have to make it a bit smaller in both dimensions (thickness and width) to make it fit. You might be able to take both the Incra gauge and the SS gauge to a machine shop and have them make the Incra gauge match the SS dimensions. I did it by trial and error and I'm VERY happy with the results - you might want to be more scientific.

Good luck!


[font="Comic Sans MS"]Andy[/font]

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#3514 by rdubbs » Thu May 03, 2007 12:23 pm


I bought an INCRA Miter Gauge 1000SE from Woodcraft before my 520 was even out of the box. Who'd have thought that they woould not have the standard sized slots. I had decided to sand or machine the bar, too, but I saw the INCRA Miter Express in a recent catalog. Even though it costs as much as the gauge, it does allow standard gauges to work in a SS. I haven't gone either way, yet.


Rick Dubbs
2004 520 w/bandsaw, jointer, belt sander, DC 3300, Universal Lathe Tool Rest, Talon chuck, & Lathe Duplicator

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