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crib plans

#366 by yogi56 » Fri Aug 18, 2006 6:30 pm

Hello out there!
Just was told I'm going to be a grand dad.This is my frist.So I figured I'd build a swinging crib for the yougin.Any good plans out there? Saw a couple, but they were for toys.

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#368 by chiroindixon » Fri Aug 18, 2006 9:27 pm

Gramma put me to the test with the baby crib. She selected one from Rockler,the "3 in 1 Transitional Bed plan". The crib came out superbly and was a real test for me and my SS toys. I've gotten many compliments.

The bed can be transitioned into day bed then full size, as you will see. My best suggestion is not to do that. Figure out what you will really want. The full transition will end a nice product (bed) but with some newer parts along with used, and some left pieces over when it's all done. Study it closely. I stopped with the crib but still have the siderails and extra ends....collecting dust.

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#369 by Gary » Sat Aug 19, 2006 6:05 am

Congratulations! I am also expecting my first grandchild and looking for cradle plans. There is one in Woodsmith No 48 ( that looks really nice and would be interesting to build. And a kit is available for the spindles and hardware. The problem is the size of the "bed". The length is ok, but the width is only about 12 inches. Seems kind of narrow. I could make it wider, but I'm not sure how this would effect the overall appearance or the stability. Still working on that. They recommend cutting the mattress from foam. Babies-R-Us carries cradle mattresses of several sizes, all of which are a bit larger.

Hartville Tool ( also has a cradle plan, but I have not looked at it in detail. Hope to do that next week.


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#370 by Gary » Sat Aug 19, 2006 6:45 am

Was looking through SS's website. There is a swinging cradle plan under Hands On archives, Nov/Dec 2005 issue.

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#443 by Unregistered » Tue Sep 12, 2006 12:59 am

yogi congrats Rockler has a 3 in 1 plan set is execelent built the same for my 2 year old grand daughter she has not been able to break any of it so i would recomend it. one piece of advice is modify drawer size to use mechenical drawer slide instead of wooder rails they drag too much even if they are aligned

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#449 by Ed in Tampa » Wed Sep 13, 2006 1:13 am

Woodsmith magazine has excellent plans. I built one from their plans 18 years ago and it has served faithfully for 6 grandchildren.
One of the nice features was the cradle came off the pedestal and the pedestal then broke down into pieces that would fit inside the cradle for storage.
The cradle was suspended from the pedestal and swing but there were locks to lock it into a fixed position so Mom could tend to the baby without swing all around.

I built mine from cherry using the Woodsmith plans and sources listed. I think Woodsmith had a package which included the dowels, spindles, brass caps for the locking pins, and plans. Everything except wood. You could get the dowels and spindles in cherry oak or maple if I recall. But the plans alone include sources and I think Woodsmith does insure that the source list remains current.

You can find Woodsmith by doing a search on Woodsmith and then going into their archives.

I also built their rocking horse that has also held up to 6 kids and many friends visiting. We keep it in our spare room and when ever friends come with children we know sooner or later they will be on the horse. Again the Woodsmith plans came with source for glass eyes, leather for saddle and reins, along with metal rings for the halter. At the time they sold a package that included everything except wood for $49 , that was plans, eyes, leather, metal rings, yarn for mane and tail. The plans were even full size for the rockers so they were easily traced and cut on the SS bandsaw. The horse is built 3 dimemsional in that wood peices of different thicknesses make up the body, shoulder and legs.
Ours is made from spruce and the wood I used for the head which is three thicknesses wide remained light except the center piece which turned dark. Naturally the horses name is Stripe.

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