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Help Needed

#606 by Ed in Tampa » Thu Oct 12, 2006 3:46 pm

I hope this isn't a violation of forum rules if it is I beg forgiveness and apologize for doing it.

Some of you might know I have been working with Jeff from Tnuts maker of the Sharkguard to make a Sharkguard for a Shopsmith.
Sharkguard is an innovative splitter/saw guard that had extra dust collection. You can see them at

A few month ago he made a request that I send him my splitter so they could see for themselves exactly how it was made. I had every intention to send it immediately after I finished the project I was involved it. Long story short time has slipped by and I'm still not finished.

If any of you can help I have included my e-mail address so I can put you into contact with Jeff. He will probably need both a 500 splitter blade guard and 510/520 one.

Sorry for the delay in response.
I just got a request to see if we can get ahold of an actual factory splitter for design reference. We need to be able to get exact measurements so we can design a duplicate with modifications at the top and possibly within the mounting structure.
So, this is an open request to you or one of your members that may wish to assist.
The turnaround time is very short, within two days of arrival, we will have it back out to the owner, in its original condition (we won't do anything to it, just reference it).
In the past for other designs, owners have sent the plate in a USPS package or box, and when we are done we return it the same. We will also reimburse for the shipping cost, so no real $$ cost for the owner when all is done. Some splitters will fit in a padded envelope inside a USPS Flat Rate envelope, which keeps the cost to $4.05 (or about $5.40 insured, which we recommend). Also an option, if you have a padded envelope and a Fedex facility nearby, we can send you (or the alternate volunteer) a Fedex label and we'll pay the shipping that way too.

If you would like to participate, or know someone that would like to, please let me know. Please also notify any of the members if you are unable to assist.
If you (or the alternate) would like, we can send via Fedex/USPS a pre-labelled envelope in advance. Just need to know where it needs to go.
From what it sounds like, the splitter mod is that last part the SharkSmith (That's what I've been calling it lately) is waiting for. Also, the orders for standard Sharks (all the others) has been so high, the production has been nearly unable to keep up. Provisions to increase output are in the works though, and should be helping speed things up.

Thanks to anyone that can help.
Please let me know at

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call me a cynic but....

#607 by chiroindixon » Thu Oct 12, 2006 5:51 pm

Looks like a great idea but since he is a business man, let him buy his. They are readily available on eBay. A Sharksmith would be something I would be interested in buying. They look great.

While I get annoyed with SS repackaging other products like their miter gauge and claiming they are truly "Shopsmith", this would be a great collaboration.

SS works closely with Woodhaven (located close to me) to manufacture their SS router table extension. A tnuts rendition of a Sharkguard (Sharksmith) for our beloved friends in Dayton to sell, is an idea.

Send idea to Folkerth directly. (but he can read it here I'm sure.....):rolleyes:

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#610 by Ed in Tampa » Fri Oct 13, 2006 1:19 am

Someone from one of the other forums sent me an e-mail that he had both a 500 and 510/520 that he would allow them to borrow.
I put him in contact with Sharkguard.

I hope SS is smart enough to jump on this.

Also T-nuts is a great supplier of nuts and knobs and such that work on SS fences and self built jigs.

Their prices are pretty good also.

I will let you all know when the Sharkguard for SS is avail.
Thanks to everyone

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