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Splayed miter picture frame

#268597 by STB » Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:48 am

It started with a question that sounded like a statement. But first some background. Around our house when the spring cleaning bug hits the redecorating gene also surfaces. The question/statement - With all that expensive fancy woodworking machines you can make me a plain shadow box picture frame right. I was trapped.
So I decided to make a picture frame with compound mitered corners. My first attempt didn't turn out very well. Evidently I didn't understand compound miters. A search led me to I am not sure what I was doing wrong but I couldn't make it work. So a you tube search led me to Matthias Wandel web site using miter angles from his chart the frame turned out as expected. The last picture shows the picture in its frame note the picture is in a frame from the dollar store

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I create problem solving challenges and opportunities for design modification, not mistakes.

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Re: Splayed miter picture frame

#268598 by nuhobby » Fri Mar 27, 2020 7:50 am

Good job!

I remember back in late 2006 I was debating in buying shop tools. I got the Shopsmith all-in-one sales DVD, and just lusted over that compound miter possibility. Then in Jan-2007 I got my shiny Shopsmith! Of course I've used it for everything *but* compound miters since then. Good refresher for me :)

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Re: Splayed miter picture frame

#268614 by Mike907 » Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:05 pm

There is a compound angle table in PTWFE (page 37 in the 4th edition) that matches Mathias' table, except the PTWFE angles are rounded to the nearest 1/4 degree. The link to the table in the online version of PTWFE seems to be broken.


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