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Mike907 wrote:I took the guides off the Jessem rail and mount them directly to the 520 fence with T-bolts.



Thanks, Mike. I thought about doing this, but hadn't tried it yet. From your picture it looks like it works well. It does overhang in the pic, so any stock would have to be shorter than the fence height. Of course, I guess you could use the other T-track to fix this.

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BuckeyeDennis wrote:
Although I mounted the router guides directly to the side T-slot on the 520 fence here, it would be easy enough to make up a more versatile mount. A board that mounts flat to the top of the 520 fence, via transverse T-slots, would just about do it. Maybe with a T-track attached to the blade side for the router guides, if you want to be able to change the guide spacing, or if you just don’t want to fiddle with changing the bolts when you move the router guides from one machine to the other.

Jessem pretty much had to design all that nice adjustable bracketry for their tablesaw guides, as it is intended for typical cabinet-saw fences that don’t have any built-in jig-mounting features. But the T-slots already designed into 510 and 520 fences give you a much more versatile starting point.

BTW, I replaced the standard hex-head bolts from Jessem with proper T-bolts from Woodcraft, and I like them a lot better. Now I can use an Allen key to really lock down the knurled clamp knob, without damaging the T-slot on my router fence.

Excellent! Thanks Dennis. I’ve got the stock guides bookmarked for my next order.

Be well,

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Re: Jessem Clear-Cut TS™ Stock Guides on Shopsmith 520 Fence

#255926 by thunderbirdbat » Wed Jan 16, 2019 10:00 am

I have also have the Jessem guides for my router table and have considered using them on my SS. I have the big yellow wheels for it but also considered getting the Jessem TS stock guides. While looking around the web I found a similar setup on Woodworker's Supply. Has anyone tried their Anti-Kickback Hold Down Guide System? With their ability to clamp to an auxiliary fence, you could cut thicker stock.
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Re: Jessem Clear-Cut TS™ Stock Guides on Shopsmith 520 Fence

#255930 by masonsailor2 » Wed Jan 16, 2019 10:21 am

I have been using the Jessum system for years and love it. It's a very versatile setup and definitely adds a level of safety. I use it on the Incra fence on the big saw and the Incra on the SS. Jessum makes mounting brackets for the Incra so it a very easy mount.

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For your information, and in case you are thinking of buy these guides they are on sale at woodcraft: ... 7fa6002153

So you will need to add shipping, est of $11.99
If you have state sales taxes (IL) est of $13.23

For a grand total of about $225.21

List price at Woodcraft is $249.99

Will ship Jan 31, 2019 and the sale ends Jan. 31, 2019.

I haven't decided yet. I do own the router table version and I have thought about get the table saw version but it hasn't happen yet. I do have enough in the budget at this point without knocking anything else off the list but it is rather early in the year to start digging into the slush fund for unplanned purchases.



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47Ebethbrown wrote:I never use jessem router table. Is it good in quality? Share your experience. Plunge router is available in jessem?

Please explain. Do you own a Jessem Router Table and IF YOU DO/DID why do you not use it now?


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Re: Jessem Clear-Cut TS™ Stock Guides on Shopsmith 520 Fence

#262811 by everettdavis » Mon Sep 16, 2019 11:17 am


I too have the JessEm Router Table guides and the maximum stock they show is 13/16 which works for 3/4 cabinet stock just fine on router table.

I too wondered about using them dual purpose in the table saw fence but never tried. Thanks for sharing how you did yours.

The Router version was about $100 and the Table Saw version over twice that at $250. No question they work well on Router and it’s nice to know you adapted them to Shopsmith fence with T-slot adapters.

I was thinking a 556420 Rip Fence Extension would allow one to get beyond that 13/16 limit.

I can see buying the extension at just under $100 due to flexibility it would add on other operations.

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