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Re: Oh crap!

#263221 by twistsol » Fri Sep 27, 2019 1:24 pm

Ed in Tampa wrote:I thought about these until I found out the price was $100 a piece
You turn the red wheel to raise or lower leg. Also excellent to level as you can adjust height on a four corners. But the price! :eek:

They are sold on AMazon for $86.29 for a set of 4 or $21.57 each. Still not cheap but not unreasonably expensive either. ... TJ86ADXHT0


Thanks much,

Chris Phelps

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Re: Oh crap!

#263233 by claimdude » Sat Sep 28, 2019 6:56 am


I have the Woodcraft casters like the ones (all bought from Woodcraft over the years and always on sale) you just installed on everything/tool in my shop except the PowerPro and it has the upgraded caster set from SS. I have used these casters (some for well over 25 years) and have never had one fail so I think you will be happy with them. I have a set of 6 on my mobile plywood/scrap rack which probably tops 600# and they work like a champ. The ones with the heaviest load to get a small flat spot on them if they set for an extended period but still easy to start rolling and round back out near instantly.


Ed in Tampa wrote:Well after all this time I finally fixed my workbench. I ordered replacement caster wheels from woodcraft, they came today and I installed them.

First the problem was not weight. The orange/red coating peeled off. It was like peeling a tough orange. The composition of the product was changed, it crumbled and it simply peeled away. In fairly big pieces. I peeled all four wheels now I have 4 2 1/2 inch casters. I put the new ones on the bench we will see how long they last. I have a set of similar although not the same casters from Shopsmith for mounting on my Shopsmith but after this I am in no rush. The old casters on my Shopsmith lasted 35 years those on my work bench less than 10

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