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Expect Fast, Convenient, Precision Drilling Using Shopsmith’s Horizontal Boring Machine

Most Effective & Best Results

Eighty-percent of all drilling is performed on the edge or side of boards. Laying a workpiece on its surface, the most stable side, results in a much higher degree of precision for these drilling operations. Your Shopsmith MARK 4 allows you to easily and automatically align your worktable so it's parallel to your drill bit, move it up or down to position your holes near the centerline of your workpiece edges, set the quill feed depth and start boring.

Exacting Precision and Repeatability

The Horizontal Boring Machine’s unique table system and accuracy compares favorably with commercial models. Its full tilting action and rack-and-pinion height adjustment make precise alignments quick and easy. Add Shopsmith's DELETE > standard optional extension tables, then use your rip fence as a backstop and you can create a giant work surface that easily supports the largest boards. Use your adjustable quill feed depth-of-cut dial and lock to quickly read and set hole depths (up to 4-1/4") with matchless precision.

Tilting Worktable

Perform compound angle Boring operations that allow you to make various unique joinery. A great example is a shadow-box picture frame joint.

Horizontal Mortising Capabilities

Switch to Shopsmith's router chuck or hollow chisel mortiser accessories & you can easily perform slot mortising or hollow chisel mortising operations on the ends of long or cumbersome workpieces in the horizontal position.

The Right Speed for the Job

As with all operations, the variable speed feature (700 to 1,750 rpm) of the Shopsmith Headstock lets you match your machine's speed to the wood species and drill bit diameter for smoother holes without burning. Even the expensive commercial boring machines don't offer this kind of variable speed flexibility!


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