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Shopsmith Instructional Materials

Our Easy-To-Follow Instruction Materials Will Help You Get Started and Guide You, Every Step Of the Way

Comprehensive Shopsmith Owners Manual

Comprehensive Shopsmith Owner's Manual

Here's a wealth of invaluable information to help you get the most out of your machine's basic functions. How to switch from tool-to-tool in less than two minutes. Tips & techniques for mastering the various operations. How to tune-up and maintain your Shopsmith for optimal performance. Nothing is left to chance.

Shopsmith Woodworking Self-Study Guide

Shopsmith Woodworking Self-Study Guide

Many of today's most accomplished home woodworkers have been (at the very least) nudged down the path of woodworking knowledge and success by this information-packed 10 lesson course. Beginners and experienced woodworkers alike will quickly find their own starting points... then advance at a chosen pace toward the level they want to achieve... creating wonderful projects for family and friends along the way! It's a fun time and great learning experience for all.

Power Tool Woodworking for Everyone

Power Tool Woodworking For Everyone

Shopsmith's own 325-page powerhouse of woodworking knowledge. Over 1,000 photos, diagrams and illustrations. Easy-to-understand photographic explanations of how to perform virtually every possible Shopsmith operation. Nearly 60 work-saving jigs and fixtures. Hundreds of valuable woodworking tips and tricks-of-the-trade. A host of troubleshooting charts, conversion tables and lots, lots more !

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