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#171012 by JPG » Sat Jun 28, 2014 12:00 am

dusty wrote:I thought I was doing that. You can see just how poor a job I did at that. Look at the card -- not the one good plastic washer.

It I had more to do, I would have to develop some sort of jig.

Turn a plug with the correct id/od centered and insert from below the die.;)


╟JPG ╢

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#171122 by keakap » Sun Jun 29, 2014 1:03 pm

dusty wrote:I...

QUESTION (for those with a V120 equipped with the Safety Grip): Does the Safety Grip mount firmly to your V120 Miter Gauge with minimal side-to-side wobble of the Grip..

Okay now, yer gonna think this is weird. Why not- I do.
When first got the V120 and assembled with SS safety grip, not only was it difficult, but when done there was some "looseness" in the grip, beyond the normal (and it is normal) looseness of the assembly.
But performance was not effected, or even affected, so I thought nothing of it.
(fade to the future)
Came a time when I wanted to return to basic V120 configuration. Alas, almost immediately I regretted that and went back to the SS grip config.
But here's the weird part. I'd had a question or two about how the hole thing fit on the Miter Esspresso, so I was very careful when reassembling, to the point of trying all different washer configs and sequencing. Turns out I had the washers correct, but had the tightening wrong.
End result, assembly was a piece of cake, and for that reason or some unknown other, everything fit together better than before. As in the excess looseness was all gone.

Can't tell ya how or why, but I found that one can put the V120 package together multiple times and get multiple results.
I've had but two "problems" with the V120, both caused by a sloppy operator-- broken teeth and sloppy fit.


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