Shopsmith Mark 7 & Mark V’s – 10″ Table Saw Function

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Virtually all woodworking projects begin by ripping and crosscutting your components to size… and a top-quality table saw is vital to achieving the results you want. Make a mistake here and it will haunt you again and again as work progresses.

The Power and Speed you Need… The Shopsmith’s 10″ diameter blade and powerful motor give you an ample depth-of-cut… plus up to 2 HP of raw muscle to zip through stock up to 3-1/4″ thick. Just set its 250 RPM to 10,000 RPM variable speed drive to match the thickness and wood species you’re cutting and you’ll always achieve smooth, burn-free cuts… every time.

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A Safe, Versatile, Generous-Sized Worktable System… The Shopsmith worktable features dual, T-shaped miter gauge slots for right or left handed sawing. It tilts up to 45° for beveling, then locks into the selected angle on dual, non-slip trunnions with a single, quarter-turn lever. A simple turn of the geared, rack-and-pinion hand-wheel mechanism moves the table up-and-down for depth-of-cut adjustments.

The standard extension tables that come with your machine give you up to 102″ of side-to-side support… and a ripping capacity of up to 98″. That’s over 8-feet of ripping width — well beyond that of all but the most expensive commercial table saws! Its floating extension tables and telescopic support legs can also be configured to provide up to 72″ of infeed-outfeed support for ripping long boards. And this same gargantuan table saw support system can also be put to great use for vertical or horizontal drilling, disc sanding, drum sanding, routing and shaping operations !

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Shopsmith’s Quill Micro-Feed Feature… Although it’s provided primarily for the drill press, this Shared Feature also works for you on the table saw (and other operations), as well. Use it to micro-adjust the saw blade when you need super-precise rip cuts… when you have to shave dado slots or grooves for a snug fit… or when you need to create tight-fitting tenons or adjust molding cuts.

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Shopsmith Always Takes Safety Seriously… Our rip fence slides smoothly into position and locks firmly with a dual clamping system that secures both fence ends. Our squeeze-type miter gauge safety grip clamps workpieces tightly to the gauge bar during the cut, ensuring precision and keeping your hands out of harm’s way.

A fully enclosed lower saw guard covers the blade under the table, while a clear, see-through upper guard channels sawdust back to the lower guard dust chute. You also get a European style riving knife with twin cam-style pawls to keep the saw kerf from closing dangerously on the blade and prevent kick-backs.

A Full Complement of Hard-Working Table Sawing Accessories… awaits you when you need them. We offer saw & dado blades, molding heads & cutters, special table inserts, outboard support tables, miter gauge accessories, sliding crosscut tables, tenoning jigs and lots more.