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Mark V (Model 500) Magna America put this American classic 5-in-1 tool into production in 1953. Since its introduction the MARK V has gone through a series of important upgrades to improve its performance, working convenience and safety. Today, any Shopsmith Owner is able to add upgrades to their machines to bring them up to the latest standards. No other power tool offers the same level of upgrade-ability)
Mark Vs “Greenies” produced during this period were painted green. These units had a Gilmer Drive System (the inside of the top belt is like a tank track). These units were a single bearing spindle. 3/4 Hp motor was the standard.
“Goldies” Brown / Gold / Tan / Anniversary Model machines were produced and painted tan/gold.
1959 -The “Goldies” had a Gilmer Drive System, a single bearing spindle and standard 3/4 Hp motor. They were built as a ‘Transition Machine” to introduce a new drive system.
1960-1961 Poly-V Drive System (the inside of the top belt is a serpentine) were introduced, delivering improved belt durability and reduced machine maintenance.
Gray Crinkle Texture were the next units to have the Poly V Drive System. The more powerful
1-1/8 HP Motor was introduced. Upgrade Your 3/4 hp motor to the more powerful 1-1/8 hp motor.
Temporarily Out of Production. Magna America Corporation relocated. The MARK V went out of production.
Shopsmith, Inc. is Formed – MARK V is Back! The MARK V remained gray but now has a smoother splatter finish.
Two Bearing Quill. In 1984 (starting with serial number 190000), Shopsmith upgraded the drive system to the 2-Bearing Quill. Older Poly-V Drive System MARK Vs can be Upgraded to the Two-Bearing Quill  for greater stability with less runout and wobble.
MARK V 510 was introduced with an improved, big 17-1/2″ x 22″ main table. The table system also includes two floating extension tables along with connecting tubes and telescoping legs to provide over 8 feet of table width. A new larger rip fence with t-tracks for mounting accessories and jigs. Other parts of the upgrade include a see-through upper saw guard (with riving knife and anti-kickback device), lower saw guard with 2-1/2″ dust port and more.
“C” Smart Motors were introduced on MARK Vs featuring a Red Safety Key Switch.
MARK V 520 (with Pro Fence System) was introduced. The MARK 520 Pro Fence System features two interchangeable stainless steel scales for direct-reading of rip cut widths plus twin locking levers, one for the infeed end of the fence and another for the outfeed end to ensure a positive, precise fence lock-down, even when working with large and / or heavy workpieces. An upgrade kit for the MARK V 500, and MARK 510, is available to give these advantages to older machines.
Shopsmith MARK 7 adds two additional functions (shaping and routing) to become a 7 function machine and features an electronic speed-change mechanism making it one of the most revolutionary woodworking power tools available anywhere!

The MARK 7 is powered by the revolutionary Shopsmith PowerPro Smart Motor. The PowerPro’s DVR (Digital Variable Reluctance) motor features:
• More Power (1-3/4 hp at 120V and 2 hp at 240V)
• 120V or 240V operation without any adjustments beyond switching the plug on the power cord
• Reduced energy usage and emissions over conventional motors
• Dual direction capability
• Easy-to-use touchpad controls
• Quieter operation
• Reduced maintenance and more!
Additionally, the MARK 7 adds Double-Tilt to bring an under-table option to its Shaping and Routing capabilities. An upgrade is available to bring tilt-both-ways convenience to older MARK Vs.
Shopsmith MARK 520S plus MARK 4 with buy over time work packages! MARK V 520S with Pro Table System is the Latest Generation of MARK V with the Same Quality Loved by More Than 600,000+ Owners. For those who prefer a more mechanical, hands-on approach, the MARK V offers 5 of the Most Important Tools for Woodworkers, D-I-Yers, and Homeowners alike. And now, you can buy the “All Inclusive” Model at a special “All Inclusive” price. Or you can purchase with a lower up-front cost by purchasing work packages over time. Buy the Base Model to get started, and then add additional work packages later.
Shopsmith MARK 4 [Shorty] rounds out the Shopsmith MARK Suite. Only 55″ Long but every bit as powerful as the big guys and fully upgradable. And here’s the best part – Start at a Lower Price Point and add Packages and Upgrades over time. Perfect for Users who are tight on space and don’t have a need for the expanded capacities of other MARKS.
The PowerPro Gen 2 Headstock has a computer driven motor that comes as part of the MARK 7 or becomes the Ultimate Upgrade for any of Shopsmith MARK Systems.
The PowerPro Gen 2 sets any Shopsmith machine apart from the competition by providing added power combined with pin-point accuracy while maintaining touch screen ease of use. Plus, the PowerPro Gen 2 not only enhances Shopsmith Systems, it also enhances the performance of every Shopsmith Accessory you own.
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My MARK 7 is not only a space saver — it's a life saver, time saver, and money saver.

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