Live Online Demonstration & Sales Event

Shopsmith Live Online Demonstration & Sales Events are live seminars (aka webinars) that are held via the Internet. It’s a demonstration, but also a conversation. You can choose to just watch and listen, or you can ask questions and share your thoughts.

Shopsmith uses the latest, easy-to-use technology to make joining informative & enjoyable!

Shopsmith Live Online Demonstration & Sales Events are about you and your woodworking interests. Do you see yourself:

  • Making income in woodworking by building furniture for the family or friends;
  • Maybe you are thinking of tackling those D-I-Y projects, but need better tools;
  • Perhaps you want to save money and remodel or repair at your own pace.

Either way, our Live Online Demonstration & Sales Events can help you decide what you may want to do, and what tools you may need to get the job done! Professional or beginner, male or female, young or mature, join us to learn why Woodworking, D-I-Y, and Maker Spaces are popular, and let us help get you where you want to go. 

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With more than 600,000+ Owners, Shopsmith is the #1 Multi-Purpose Woodworking Equipment provider in the Unites States. We offer one of the best warranties in the business, plus, our Customer Care team takes great pride in supporting our Owners. We believe Owners should be able to connect with a live person, not a machine.

Shopsmith Owner Testimonials

My MARK 7 is not only a space saver — it's a life saver, time saver, and money saver.

- Kent Bradshaw, Owner Since 1974