Freehand Disc Sanding

When performing ANY disc sanding operation, ALWAYS sand using the DOWN side of the disc, as sanding on the up side of the disc will result in a dangerous situation where the workpiece will be lifted off the table’s surface.

Before Proceeding, CLICK HERE to see a listing of Safety Rules that will help you avoid Personal Injury.

To view a brief (few-seconds long) video clip of each step being performed click on the video in each section.

Step 1

With the worktable about 1/8″ away from the sanding disc, use one hand to grasp the workpiece near the end to be sanded — and the other hand to safely maintain a firm grip on the opposite end of your board as you feed it into the rotating disc.

Freehand Disc Sanding
Freehand Disc Sanding

See How Simple That Was!

Now that you’ve completed free hand sanding with your disc sander, CLICK HERE to move on to the second common sanding operation, Sanding Two Boards To Identical Lengths