Getting Ready

Getting Ready To Use Your Shopsmith

10 Things You Absolutely MUST Know Before You Get Started!

Regardless of how you may have come to own a Shopsmith Multipurpose Woodworking Machine, you can rest assured that you own the world’s most versatile, most compact, and the absolute best woodworking tool available. And, you probably can’t wait to GET STARTED!

But, before you turn on your machine for the first time, you need to be aware of these 10 important facts which could possibly result in damage to your machine.

  1. DON’T TURN THAT SPEED DIAL YET! Doing so without the machine running will damage your machine!
    IMPORTANT: If your machine’s speed dial is NOT set to “D” or below, contact Customer Service for the proper re-setting procedure before turning your machine on. For details, Click Here
  2. LUBRICATE THE SHEAVES. These are the sliding pulleys that drive the spindle on Models 500, 510 or 520 machines. If your machine has been sitting unused for awhile, this is an important procedure. For details, Click Here
  3. REMOVE ALL BLADES, CUTTERS, SANDERS, DRILLS or other tools that may be attached to the Smart Motor spindle. If any tools are stuck in position, apply a few drops of a good penetrating oil to its set screw and try again tomorrow.
  4. REMOVE ANY RUST OR CORROSION from the way tubes and/or bench tubes with a fine, green abrasive pad or #0000 steel wool. Apply furniture PASTE wax to way tubes, the top surfaces of work table, extension tables, and both sides of rip fence. This helps these components slide smoothly and provide a near-friction-free surface for work pieces to glide on or against.
  5. CHECK THE ALIGNMENT OF ALL MACHINE COMPONENTS. Misalignment of some components could cause personal injury. Detailed alignment instructions are included in the Owner’s Manual. For details, Click Here.
  6. PLUG YOUR MACHINE IN. CAUTION: NEVER use an extension cord that’s lighter than 14 gauge or longer than 25 feet, as doing so will cause blown fuses or breakers.
  7. TURN ON THE MACHINE. f your machine doesn’t start, call Customer Service and they will assist you in solving the problem. Once started, listen for any shaking or rumbling noises and feel for vibrations that could indicate a problem. If either is detected, contact Customer Service immediately for possible causes and solutions. Click Here for more options.
  8. IF YOUR MACHINE IS A MARK V with a conventional speed dial Smart Motor, always turn the speed dial to “D” or slower before turning it off. Starting the machine at high speeds will cause damage to the switch and motor, as well as blow fuses or breakers.
  9. READ YOUR OWNER’S MANUALS. Your comprehensive Owner’s Manual and User’s Guide will familiarize you with the machine’s components & start-up procedures. Our printed manuals are extensive and informative. If you’re eager to get started and DON’T have a printed manual, you can download a copy of our Quick-Start Summary Owner’s Manual.
    The larger printed Owner’s Manual is available for purchase. Click here to order.

Important Safety Information

Woodworking is inherently hazardous. Before using any hand or power tool, read, understand and follow all safety precautions included with your tools. Ignoring these precautions could result in personal injury. Always wear eye protection and use the guards and work-handling safety devices that come with your tools. The safety equipment is designed to keep you out of harm’s way. If you don’t know how to perform an operation safely, read your manuals or call Shopsmith toll-free at 1-937-890-5197.

Coming Soon: Be Sure To Watch for Parts 4-11 of the Getting Started Series.

The series will include information on how to use each of the seven tools in the Shopsmith Woodworking System.

Best Regards,

Robert Folkerth - President - Shopsmith

Robert Folkerth