Shopsmith Mark 7 & Mark V -34″ Lathe

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For many, lathe turning is the most artistic and enjoyable of all woodworking operations. Once you’ve shaped and smoothed a platter, bowl, vase or similar object on the lathe, they’re complete projects. Just apply the finish of your choice and they’re ready to admire. However, if you’re like most woodworkers, you’ll probably use the lathe more for crafting project components such as legs for chairs and tables… spindles for beds and porch or stair railings… posts for fences or mailboxes… and similar applications.

The Full-Featured Shopsmith Lathe offers generous diameter and between-center capacities, so it can handle faceplate turnings up to 16-1/2″ in diameter and table legs or spindles up to 34″ long. And, it’s designed to let you use a procedure called offset turning to create fancy, professional-looking cabriole-style legs… a technique that’s fully explained and illustrated, step-by-step, in the easy-to-follow educational materials that are included as standard equipment with all three models of the Shopsmith.

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Our Electronic DVR (Digital Variable Reluctance) Drive is the first place where a Shopsmith positively affects all tool functions by providing capabilities that are not normally available on dedicated individual tools. Enjoy up to 1-3/4 HP at 120 volts or 2 HP at 240 volts – plus — infinitely adjustable speeds from 250 RPM to an amazing 10,000 RPM – and selectable forward / reverse operation — at the push of a few keypads. Unlike most conventional lathes, you won’t have to turn off the power, open covers, change belts, shift gears or pinch your fingers when you want to change speeds. You can do it instantly – without fidgeting.

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Self-Aligning Tool Rest Carriage As the second example of Shopsmith’s Shared Features, our tool rest carriage also serves as the carriage for the saw table, which must, by its very nature, always slide back-and-forth on the same axis, across the full length of the twin way tubes to maintain the proper alignment. This requirement means that your tool rest will also stay parallel to your turned spindles, throughout its full travel length, without the need for multiple axis adjustments. For long turnings, just loosen the carriage lock to slide your tool rest and chisel smoothly along your spindle’s full length, maintaining a constant diameter as you go. Once it’s where you want it, just flip a single locking lever and go to work. As your skills grow, we offer a full complement of turning accessories from chisels and faceplates to specialized tool rests, Steady-rests, even a Lathe Duplicator that’s so easy to use that you can turn 10 (or 100!) absolutely identical spindles, legs or posts with practically no experience. It’s true!