Most Common Mark V Problems / Solutions

Machine bogs down when rippingRe-tension the Poly-V Belt to have no less than 1/8-inch deflection
Circuit breaker blows when you turn machine onCheck to see if you turned off your machine on high speed. If so, unplug your machine and install the sanding disc. Rotate the disc counter-clockwise by hand while turning the speed dial to slow
Speed dial is difficult to turnOil sheaves. Check speed control quadrant assembly for lubrication
Nothing happens when turning machine onCheck for loose wires. Replace switch, if necessary
Depth control dial won’t lockCheck serrated washers. Clean with wire brush or replace
Bit drills deeper than setting on depth dialCheck quill spring housing to see if spring has slipped. Make sure indentation on quill spring housing aligns with setscrew used to lock housing in place
Smart Motor is difficult to slide on way tubesWax (or rotate) way tubes
Saw blade hits table insert when tilting table to 45-degreesExtend quill to achieve necessary clearance
Sandpaper difficult to remove from discHeat in oven, with iron or heat gun to soften glue
Smart Motor lock squeaks when tighteningClean threaded rod with wire brush, then lubricate with powdered graphite