12 Inch Conical Sanding Disc (Abrasive Sold Separately) PART #555435

Get Super-Smooth, Swirl-Free Sanding Results on the Most Troublesome Edges and Surfaces!




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The Remarkable Shopsmith Conical Sanding Disc Allows You to:
• Joint Highly Figured Woods Without Tearing or Chipping
• Produce Glue-Quality Edges on Plywood, MDF and Particle Board
• Shave End Grain workpieces to Length with Glass-Smooth Results
• Achieve Superior Sharpening Results on Planer and Jointer Knives

This strange-looking disc will help you produce astonishing sanding results on workpiece surfaces and edges up to 4" wide. There's nothing else like it!

Here's how it works:

The infeed side of the disc - not the outfeed side - contacts the workpiece's surface at a 90° angle, parallel to the grain.

The 4° taper begins 1-1/4" from the center of the disc and continues to its outside edge. This taper gives the disc its cone-like shape.

The steel disc is made with a 4° tapered, cone-like shape. During use, your Mark 7 or Mark V's worktable is tilted to that same 4° angle and your rip fence or miter gauge is used as a guide to keep the stock moving in a straight line.

As the stock moves past the disc, a vertical band (about 1/4" wide) is created where the full workpiece edge (up to 4" tall) is in contact with the abrasives. Within this band, the abrasives and the workpiece edge move parallel with one another, and in opposing directions, delivering straight-line, swirl-free sanding.

Achieve a Glass-Smooth, Glue Quality Finish on the Most Difficult Edges
No workpiece edge is too difficult. Unlike your jointer, the Conical Sanding Disc will shave the edges of highly figured birdseye or Burl woods without tearing or chipping. Where plywood, particleboard, MDF and laminate-covered composites will eat-up jointer knives, they're no problem for the abrasive on the Conical Sanding Disc!

Remove up to 1/8" In a Single Pass!
Where an 1/8" deep pass across jointer on composites or figured woods is almost certain to produce poor results, not so with the conical disc! For proof of the cutting ability of coarse abrasives on the Conical Sanding Disc, just grab a piece of figured wood or composite material... make your set-up for a 1/8" pass... follow all operational and safety instructions and shove it through. You'll be amazed!

Required for the Planer/Jointer Knife Sharpener
The conical disc is the required abrasive tool for use with Shopsmith's Planer/Jointer Knife Sharpener 555471. This easy-to-use sharpener makes quick work of sanding out nicks in your jointer or planer blades, eliminating the expense of having them professionally sharpened.

BUNDLE & SAVE with the Conical Sanding Disc Package
The conical sanding disc package includes:
• (1) Conical Disc (item 555435)
• (1) 60 grit disc
• (1) 80 grit disc and
• (1) 150 grit disc.
A great package to get started with this amazing accessory.

Self-Stick Aluminum Oxide Discs. Assorted package includes: one each 60, 80 and 150-grit discs.
Part NumberNameSpecifications
55543512 Inch Conical Sanding Disc (Abrasive Sold Separately)12 Inch Conical Sanding Disc (Disc Only)


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12 Inch Conical Sanding Disc (Abrasive Sold Separately) 555435

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