5/8 Inch Saw Arbor (for MARK V 500) PART #555321

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The Can't Miss Details

Sawsmith® 10-inch Carbide-Tipped Thin-Kerf Blades Slice Smoothly Through the Hardest Woods with Less Frequent Sharpening than Steel Blades.

Thin Kerfs Make the Difference
Sawsmith® carbide-tipped blades deliver a narrower 3/32" kerf, unlike many blades that cut a kerf of 1/8" or more. As a result, Shopsmith blades cut quickly and efficiently and require less horsepower than many competitive blades.

Expansion Slots Reduce Noise and Vibration For a Cleaner Cut
Sawsmith® blades feature expansion slots to minimize vibration giving you a cleaner cut. They'll also reduce noise the blade produces.

The Trade-Off Between Ripping, Crosscut and Combination Blade Types
Before making your blade selection, it's important to know that there are compromises. Although combination blades deliver excellent cuts in most situations, the best cuts are produced by job-specific blades.

Ripping's large chip size requires deep gullets that quickly remove lots of waste. With more space consumed by the gullets, ripping blades have fewer teeth, don’t cut as smooth but also cut faster. Smooth Crosscut Blades make fine dust, so more teeth and shallower gullets produce the best results. If your projects frequently require a large volume of continuous crosscutting or ripping, it stands to reason that you'll enjoy faster cutting and smoother results by using a purpose-specific cross-cut or rip blade.

However, if most of your projects require that you frequently switch back-and-forth between crosscutting and ripping, the minimal trade-off in cut quality that comes with using a combination blade could quickly pay you back in terms of saved blade-changing time.

10-inch Carbide-Tipped Combination Blade (555958)
555958 50 Tooth Carbide-tipped Combination Blade delivers super-smooth cuts when cross-cutting or ripping. It's 40 alternate bevel ground teeth are designed for crosscutting. They slice through the wood fibers fast and are separated by shallow gullets for the optimal crosscutting efficiency. The 10 flat top ground teeth handle your ripping tasks. They will chisel through the stock rapidly and are separated by long, deep gullets to eliminate the large amount of waste that's produced. This all-purpose blade will soon become your favorite. C-4 carbide. Use 1-1/4-inch arbor.

10-inch Carbide-Tipped Rip Blade (555959)
555959 24 Tooth Carbide-tipped Rip Blade is the best choice if you're doing a lot of continuous ripping. Its alternate bevel ground teeth slice rapidly through the wood while it's broader, deeper gullets are well-equipped to handle the faster feed rates and large amount of waste that it produces. C-2 carbide. Use 1-1/4 inch arbor.

10-inch Carbide-Tipped Cross-Cut Blade (555960)
555960 60 Tooth Carbide-tipped Cross-cut Blade is the best choice if you're doing a lot of continuous cross-cutting. Its alternate bevel ground teeth are designed to quickly sever the wood fibers and deliver a super-smooth cut on hardwoods or softwoods. C-4 carbide. Use 1-1/4 inch arbor.

Enjoy Maximum Versatility and Savings with the Sawsmith Carbide-tipped Specialty Saw Blade Packages.
• Carbide-tipped Specialty Saw Blade Package (for All MARKs except MARK V 500) (556037)
• Carbide-tipped Specialty Saw Blade Package (for MARK V 500) (556036)

Our specialty sawing packages give you the fastest, smoothest cuts for all of your projects -- and is an Even Greater Value than Buying Separately! You'll get all three of the blades listed above -- plus three 1-1/4" saw blade arbors to go with them. With this package, you can have all three blades pre-mounted and ready to go to work on a moment's notice!

The Shopsmith Specialty Sawing Packages Include: (1) 555958 50-tooth combination blade • (1) 555959 24-tooth rip blade • (1) 555960 60-tooth cross-cut blade • (3) 1-1/4" saw arbors.

Get Shopsmith Saw Blade Arbors to go with Every Blade so you can Change from Blade-to-blade Almost Instantly!

Our saw blade arbors include large diameter flanges and nuts to help stabilize your blades and minimize wobble and runout. Machined flats on the mounting shaft and locking nut simplify installation with our special arbor wrench.

The 1-1/4" arbors are made specifically for Shopsmith brand blades, while the 5/8" version will accept non-Shopsmith blades.

Having all of your saw blades mounted on their own arbors means that each of your blades will be ready to go to work when you are - without time-consuming changeovers.

• 1-1/4 Inch Saw Blade Arbor (for All MARKs except MARK V 500) (555130)
• 1-1/4 Inch Saw Blade Arbor (for MARK V 500) (505511)
• 5/8 Inch Saw Blade Arbor (for All MARKs except MARK V 500) (555608)
• 5/8 Inch Saw Blade Arbor (for MARK V 500) (555321)

Note: The 5/8" arbors listed here have short shafts that are NOT designed to accept wide dado blades.

Blank Table Insert (for All MARKs except MARK V 500) (555501)
The MARK Sawing Blank Table Insert (Polymer) is what you need for maximum support with minimum clearance. Use it to make your own zero-clearance Inserts for more workpiece support, less bottom-side splintering, and NO dangerous scrap fall-through. For use during non through-cutting operations such as dadoing, molding, etc. where Upper Saw Guard will not be used.

Note: Will not fit 10-ER, Mark II, Old Mark VII, MARK V 500)

Blank Table Insert with Slot (for All MARKs except MARK V 500) (555518)
It features a pre-formed square cutout in the center for inserting the Upper Saw Guard during operation. Made of a special polymer, you should make one for each Sawblade you’re planning to use.

This special Polymer Table Saw Insert is the model to choose when you need a Zero Clearance setup to:
• Make cuts with the Upper Saw Guard in position to ensure optimal safety and dust collection efficiency
• Provide maximum workpiece support when cutting small or thin pieces of stock
• Eliminate dangerous scrap fall-through

Count on the Shopsmith Long Arbor Wrench for Added Safety and Leverage (515979)
Especially designed to position your hand beyond the sharp teeth of your saw blades. This big 13" Wrench features one end for the large flange nut and the other for the shaft that slips onto your Shopsmith's quill spindle. Two additional hex-shaped cut-outs are also provided. One is for the 15/16" nut on the 5/8" dado/molding head arbor and the other for the 11/16" nut on the 1/2" shaper arbor.

The Riving Knife Upgrade for Non-Through Cuts Prevents Dangerous Kickbacks on your Table Saw (556223)

Shopsmith Riving Knives on upper saw guard systems are positioned at the back side of the saw blade and are designed to prevent the saw kerf from closing onto the teeth of the rotating blade once the cut has been made. When this kerf closing occurs, the potential for a dangerous kickback is increased significantly.

If Your MARK V 520, 510, 505 was manufactured after November of 1985, your upper saw guard mechanism includes a riving knife that's designed to prevent this kerf-closing when making through cuts. The MARK 7 / MARK 4's also include this system. For your own safety and protection, we advise you to always use this system when making through cuts on your Shopsmith table saw setup.

This Non-Through-Cut Riving Knife will provide that same level of anti-kickback protection when making cuts where the blade does not pass all the way through the workpiece. Although the remaining wood that is not cut away from the stock during these non-through cuts may keep the kerf from closing on the blade, the workpiece could still rock or tilt slightly, permitting a wedging effect that could initiate a kickback. A wide metal Riving Knife at the outfeed side of the sawblade will prevent this wedging effect from occurring.

The Riving Knife is slotted to slip quickly and easily into the clamp for the upper guard in your lower guard on Your MARK 7 / MARK V 520 / MARK 4. Just drop it into position behind the lock plate on your machine's lower saw guard and tighten the plastic wing knob. A few seconds and you're ready to safely make your cut(s). Works equally well when making straight or bevel cuts at any depth.
Important Safety Information

This Non-Through Cut Riving Knife will not accept your upper saw guard and is therefore this Riving knife is designed for use when making non-through cuts such as narrow single or multiple-pass saw blade cuts in any direction for grooves, rabbets, half-laps, etc. where the saw blade is covered by the workpiece. It is NOT intended to be used when making through saw cuts. Never make through-cuts without the upper saw guard installed. ALWAYS use your upper saw guard with its standard riving knife when making through cuts. Not to be used with a dado head of any kind.

Note: For MARK 7 / MARK V 520, 510, 505 / MARK 4 Only. It does NOT work with the MARK V 500.
Part NumberNameSpecifications
5553215/8 Inch Saw Arbor (for MARK V 500)5/8 Inch Saw Blade Arbor (for MARK V 500)


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5/8 Inch Saw Arbor (for MARK V 500) 555321

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