Jointer Auxiliary Fence (Fence Only) PART #555653

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Expand Your Capabilities with the Jointer Feather Guard Upgrade. (555480) This is the third hand you need on your Jointer.
The Feather Guard holds the stock against the fence as you push it over the cutterhead. Increases safety - since this Upgrade was introduced in 1990, accidents have been curtailed significantly. Additionally, this guard can be adjusted to hold workpieces firmly again Your fence, increasing the accuracy of Your Cut.

For Shopsmith Jointers with aluminum Blade Guards. Dual-purpose Guard covers rotating knives to keep hands out of harm's way. Single knob adjusts featherboard tension to hold workpiece against Jointer fence for more precise cuts.

Note: You may need to purchase the Jointer Feather Guard Upgrade Installation Kit (555559).

Install Your Jointer Feather Guard Upgrade Fast and Easy with the Shopsmith Jointer Feather Guard Installation Kit. (555559)
The Feather Guard Upgrade Installation Kit Includes (1) #3 drill bit, (1) 1/4-28 tap and (1) tap handle for installing the Jointer Feather Guard.

Note: If you already own these tools, you will not need to purchase the Jointer Feather Guard Installation Kit.

Jointer Chip Chute Upgrade Kit Collects Shavings at the Source (555077)
Keep Your Tools and Workshop Clean with Jointer Chip Chute Upgrade Kit. It collects shavings at the source keeping them off the floor and from under Your feet. Update older Shopsmith Jointers for improved dust collection.

Jointer Chip Chute Upgrade Kit Includes: Rear Blade Guard, Inner Guards and Chip Chute. Some drilling and tapping required.

Note: For Shopsmith Jointers with serial numbers prior to 70,000.

Jointer Chip Chute Assembly may fit Your needs if you already have the Rear Blade Guide and Inner Guard (513944)

Jointer Complete Auxiliary Fence Package (555655)
Jointer Complete Auxiliary Fence Package helps you work safer and with improved stability. This 7 3/4" high Fence attaches quickly to your Jointer or MARK V Rip Fence and offers a smooth-gliding, laminate-covered surface. Use it for added support when working with wide boards. Also accommodates two Featherboard hold-downs for increased safety when jointing narrow, difficult-to-hold boards.

Jointer Complete 7 3/4" high Auxiliary Fence Package Includes: 2 Featherboards.

Jointer Complete 7 3/4" high Auxiliary Fence (Fence Only) (555653)
Add a Tall Fence for Control of Wide Boards.

Jointer Featherboards (2 Pack) (555654)
Jointer Featherboards mount to the Auxiliary Fence while using on your Shopsmith Jointer. They help to hold your workpiece in place during your jointing operation.

Jointer Featherboards (2 Pack) includes two Featherboards and the necessary hardware to mount them on the fence.
Part NumberNameSpecifications
555653Jointer Auxiliary Fence (Fence Only)7 3/4" high Jointer Auxiliary Fence (Fence Only)


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Jointer Auxiliary Fence (Fence Only) 555653

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