MARK V 120 Volt 60-Hz Motor and Sheave Assembly PART #516152

Is Your MARK V Motor Not Operating at Top Performance? Add Power Back Your Machine!




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Is Your Mark V Motor Not Running Or Performing As It Should? Add Power to Your Older Mark V or Bring Your Machine Back to Top Performance.

MARK V 120V, 1-1/8 HP Motor (513964)
If Your MARK V 500 was made before June 1961 (Magna Engineering serial number 371347 or earlier), it could benefit significantly by upgrading its 3/4 hp motor to a more powerful, state-of-the-art, 1-1/8 hp motor.

For Owners of Mark V's Made after June 1961
No matter how well they're built (ours are built by the best in the business), no motor will last forever. If your Mark V gets a lot of heavy use, has been struck by an electrical surge or been abused by a previous owner, it could be time to replace its motor.

If Your Current Motor is Not Running -or- Operating Poorly
This is your opportunity to replace it and "get back in business" just in time for the woodworking season - and do it at a great price. So, replace your non-functional motor now - or add the muscle you need for even the toughest operations!

Here's How to Tell If Your Motor Should Be Replaced:
• Bogging / Lack of Power - If your motor seems to lack the power it once had or bogs down when cutting heavy boards, it's probably time for replacement
• Fails to Start - If you have experienced this problem and have already replaced the switch with no starting success, it is definitely time to replace your motor
• Squeaking or Humming - Squeaking is a sign of bearing failure, while humming indicates that the motor is struggling to start. If the motor still squeaks or hums after removing the drive belt, it should be replaced immediately
• Smoking or Foul Odor - Either of these problems are an indication that the motor should be replaced as soon as possible

Two Versions of the Service Motor Are Available
• The 513964 version includes only the motor and requires that the old motor sheaves be removed, replaced, and new sheaves reinstalled to factory specifications a task that could be difficult for some customers.
• The 516152 version includes the two sheaves with key, spacer, compression spring, washer, and snap ring all assembled and properly adjusted by factory-trained professionals. With this assembled version, all vital components will be freshly replaced and will perform properly for many years to come.

More Muscle
(Earlier Mark V Owners)
• Crosscut or rip hard and/or thick materials with greater ease than with your current 3/4 hp motor
• Upgrade to the 1-1/8 HP motor and you can now use the Shopsmith Thickness Planer. Surface and smooth your own lumber with the Shopsmith Thickness Planer
• Resaw 6” wide wood with ease where it was a struggle before
• Smooth Quiet Operation
• Eliminate vibrations caused by aged, worn bearings
• Enjoy quieter operations with less heat build-up than older, high-mileage motors
Part NumberNameSpecifications
516152MARK V 120 Volt 60-Hz Motor and Sheave AssemblyMARK V 120 Volt, 60-Hz Motor and Sheave Assembly


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MARK V 120 Volt 60-Hz Motor and Sheave Assembly 516152

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