MiterSet Standard & Segment Set (Exclusively Made for Shopsmith) PART #556461

Get a MiterSet Jig to Quickly Make Angled Segments and Perfect Mitered Corners!




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One of the most common headaches in woodworking is making accurate miter cuts. Whether you're creating unique segmented wood pieces, constructing a picture frame, or doing high-end finish work, a well-cut joint is easy to appreciate.

You may be thinking two things are necessary for a no-gap miter joint:
(1) A correctly calculated and set miter angle;
(2) Pieces cut to the right length.

Getting the right length is achieved with accessories like the 24" Aluminum Miter Gauge Extension, the 20" Aluminum Miter Gauge Extension, or the Shopsmith miter stop rod. But, until now, getting the correct angle has been more difficult and time consuming. The Solution: The MiterSet!

The MiterSet Standard Stands Out with Accurate and Fast Set-up at ½ Degree Increments
• Eliminate concerns about how accurately you’ve set-up your Miter Gauge indicator plate.
• Avoid the potential mistake of counting markings or notches between labeled angles

With the MiterSet Standard, just place one pin in the zero hole and the other in the hole for the desired angle. The holes are clearly labeled with large, easy-to-read numbers giving the angle at every 5 degrees. For angles that are not a multiple of 5 degrees, you'll use the included detent bar to add or subtract up to 2 ½ degrees, in ½ degree increments. Then, loosen your miter gauge lock. Place your miter gauge bar in the MiterSet slot (which was made specially for an accurate fit of your Shopsmith miter gauge bar). Slide your miter gauge against the pins, and then relock your miter gauge. That quickly, your miter gauge will be flawlessly set to the angle you need for your project.

Now You're Ready to Cut Some Precise Angles Quickly & Accurately!

MiterSet Segments For Segmented Turnings - No Math Required!

Using the MiterSet Segments is even one step easier. Normally, when cutting segments, you'd have to calculate the angles. Or, maybe you would need to find your look-up chart to determine the angle you need based on the number of sides in your project. The MiterSet Segment jig eliminates the need for these tedious steps, making it effortless.

Here's How it Works.
• Plug in the base pin;
• Plug the 2nd pin in the hole clearly labeled with the number of sides.
• That's it, the MiterSet has selected and set the correct angle. All that is left to do, is again to place your miter gauge in the slot and slide the miter face against the pins to set the exact angle.

You save the frustration, trial-and-error, and wasted wood that comes with a conventional approach.

Includes: MiterSet, (2) Pins, Detent Bar (Standard jig only), Padded Protective Case, and Instructions.

556461 MiterSet Standard & Segments Set Gives You Both Great MiterSets (Exclusively Made for Shopsmith) at a Great Bundled Price!
Part NumberNameSpecifications
556461MiterSet Standard & Segment Set (Exclusively Made for Shopsmith)MiterSet Product Details:
• All components proudly made in the USA
• Works with your existing miter gauge. All the jigs and fixtures you already have, work unchanged.
• CNC milled from 6051 aluminum plate for precise accuracy and durability.
• Anodized to protect the surface from discoloration
• 2mm neoprene rubber backing to keep it from sliding around on your work surface.
• Comes in a padded, protective case to keep the pieces in one convenient, findable place.

• Both MiterSets (Standard & Segmented)
• Pins
• Detent Bar
• Padded Protective Case
• Instructions


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MiterSet Standard & Segment Set (Exclusively Made for Shopsmith) 556461

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