Polycarbonate Stock Push Guide (Short) PART #556258

Table Saw Push Guides Provide Improved Workpiece Control While Preventing Dangerous Workpiece Lift-Ups and Kickbacks




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Here are two great, inexpensive accessories that will help you guide your workpieces through rip cuts, dadoes, grooves and molding cuts with greater precision, confidence and safety.

Made of a rugged, see-through polycarbonate material, each features a protruding hook on the trailing edge that will securely grasp and control stock of any thickness down to 3/8" without snagging or slipping.

Use the short guide to make rip cuts on stock up to 13-1/4" long and as narrow as 9/32" with 1/32" of clearance between the edge of the guide and your saw blade. For even more control when making cuts on stock over 13-1/4" long, use the twin-handled long guide.

Carefully engineered with angled handles that are covered in soft, non-slip vinyl, they are ergonomically comfortable to use and can provide one or two-handed downward force on your workpieces well forward of their hook edges.

As a result, each will not only keep your fingers out of harm's way when making your cuts, they will also prevent dangerous lift-ups that can snag your blade or cutter and cause a kickback that could result in personal injury.

Clearly a step ahead of most push guides, these are the ones you want to have in your shop for optimal control and safety.

Order the short version -- or the long version - or - for the best deal, order the kit of both Short and Long and Save!
Part NumberNameSpecifications
556258Polycarbonate Stock Push Guide (Short)Polycarbonate Stock Push Guide (Short)


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Polycarbonate Stock Push Guide (Short) 556258

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