Shopsmith Safety

Make Workshop Safety Your Number One Priority

Safety is a frame of mind, and should be an important part of everything we use or do. You can have an accident when driving, trip when climbing stairs, fall when pruning a tree, or slip in the tub. We are surrounded by potential hazards.

The people who don’t become victims are those who accept the possibilities and prepare for them. Woodworking safety requires good common sense.

Some woodworkers have been known to neglect to use guards and will ignore correct procedures, feeling that they are knowledgeable enough to be immune. Accident statistics are comprised of these people, and it is interesting to note that included are more professionals than amateurs. Safe woodworking is not a matter of experience or expertise, or the sophistication of the tool you are using. Safety rules should be studied and followed, not ignored.

More Information

Click here for more information on safety from Shopsmith’s Power Tool Woodworking For Everyone online edition.

Shopsmith Safety Catalog

Award-Winning Safety Kit

Shopsmith Safety Kit

The Shopsmith Safety Kit gives you positive control over the workpiece and provides an extra cushion of safety between you and the blade or cutter

Flip-Up Euroguard

Flip-up Euroguard

EuroGuard delivers fast, hassle-free tool changeovers, improved dust collection efficiency and added workshop safety.

Flip-Up Safety Face Shield

Safety Face Shield

This flip-up face shield keeps flying debris out of your eyes and face.

Hearing Protectors Block Out Harmful Machine Noise

Hearing Protectors

Hearing protectors block out harmful machine noise.

Scratch Resistant Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles

Scratch-resistant vinyl lens deflects chips and debris.