The 17 Most Frequently Ordered Shopsmith Service Parts

DC 3300 Dust Collector FanMay require replacement if your DC3300 seems to lack sufficient power to pick-up. A roaring noise indicates that replacement is required.515287$35.70
Motor Drive BeltMay require replacement if your Mark V is vibrating excessively, or the belt is frayed or broken. NOTE: Installation instructions are included with your belt purchase.521682$19.99
Poly-V BeltMay require replacement if your Mark V bogs down during use, or if your belt is frayed or broken. NOTE: Installation instructions are included with your belt purchase.521681$24.85
Caster WheelUse these to replace the worn-out wheels on your Shopsmith casters.522215$4.95
Jointer Fence Tilt QuadrantMay require replacement if the outfeed end of the jointer fence raises too high off the outfeed table surface, or if the fence lock handle fails to hold the fence at the proper angle when tightened.502651$44.07
Speed Control AssemblyIncludes all the parts required for repairing speed changing problems. An assembly for those customers who prefer to replace the entire assembly instead of the individual parts.504198$84.99
Quadrant AssemblyThis small, “pork-chop” shaped piece with teeth on the back side of the speed dial may need to be replaced if your Mark V’s speed fails to increase when turning the dial.504221$27.81
Control Sheave AssemblyMay require replacement in the event the bearing gets clogged and ceases to turn, or if the snap-on rectangular retaining loop pulls off the end of the control sheave.515556$56.65
Help Kit Hardware PackBe prepared… order this collection of assorted setscrews and shims for your Mark V and other Shopsmith accessories. It contains: (18) Assorted Shims (20) 5/16″-18 x 1/4″ Socket-Head Setscrews, (6) 5/16″-18 x 3/8″ Socket-Head Setscrews, (5) 5/16″-18 x 3/8″ Motor Pan Setscrews with nylon locks, (5) 1/4″-20 Flat-Head Table Insert Setscrews, and (1) 1/4″-20 x 1/2″ Round-Head Setscrew515714$29.80
Locking Rocker Switch556089$32.41
Older Style Toggle Switch515605$19.19
Headstock Lock and WedgesThese may require replacement if the Mark V headstock lock fails to turn, yet the headstock still slides on the way tubes; or if the lock is loosened, yet the head stock fails to slide. Order all three part numbers for the most effective repair.513014$26.69
Right-Hand Wedge504234$11.95
Left-Hand Wedge504235$11.95
Speed Control HandleThe portion of the speed dial that is turned with the fingers. Stripped gears may necessitate its replacement if the machine speed changes while the speed dial remains at the same setting.504229$33.95
Quill Feed Handle AssemblyOne of the most frequently lost parts. Comes complete with hub.513682$22.47